This story is about the twins, Tommy and Tammy, that get the chance to help their small town. Because of a shut down of the town's sawmill, many people leave to find work elsewhere, enabling the twins to start their career as the world's only fire fighting children! At the end of their exciting story, they deliver tips on fire safety and a copy of a fire safety plan for children to fill in and put on their bedroom wall showing at least two ways out and a safe meeting place outside.

The hope is that Tommy and Tammy will do what the fire safety house does: get children's attention while teaching them about home safety issues. Their story can hopefully reach into the small towns and remote villages that will never have a fire safety house due to the costs involved to build and man them. The twins also talk the merits of practice, hard work and team work as a way of life


  • Fire fightersBillie - Words of Appreciation

    We thank you captain Kennedy ,our family has recently acquired another 8 copies of your very educational book for grand children and other members of our family ,I always say children can be very smart in dealing with difficult situations ,if we as adults have taught them ,your book is the perfect tool to help us with this task .a child with a plan will not panic in the face of smoke or fire ,thank you for caring about our children ,looking forward to your next book

  • Fire fighters“Very nice story and illustrations as well!”

    This book has been endorsed by Chief Mckearney and Deputy Chief Marohn. It was written by a firefighter with many years of service in fire safety and fire fighting in a large City in North America. This book teaches fire safety to children as well as parents and answers many questions that are called in to fire prevention offices all over North America relating to families safety in their homes.

  • Olivia Lee

      " Fire Fighting Children

    This book has a good adventure story with colourful vivid illustrations that would be keep the attention of children. It is not only a children's book, but also a safety education book with professional firefighting standards."


    "I bought this book for my young niece and she really enjoyed it. Some great safety ideas for safety of kids.  The illustrations are great and it's such a great idea to impress upon our children the dangers of fire in the home."