The Author

I found the book to have great fire safety information and really like the idea of the children fire safety plan for the bedroom walls that is in the back of the book, my class of children enjoyed the story as well.

The stories are written by a retired fire department officer from a major North American city. He has vast experience in suppression fighting fires, fire safety education in the school system as well as many years in fire prevention ensuring homes and building stay safe for people. He feels if this story can save even one child from burns or worse it will be a total success for him.

A series of books about the worlds only children fire fighters. The story focuses on their first fire call and rescue of a families family pets trapped on the homes upper floor. It has been written to encourage children to read and to also help them and their families stay safe in their homes and vacation properties. The story grabs the attention of children much like the fire safety houses run by fire departments all over the world, it delivers the safety information for them and their families at the end of the story. We have fire safety plans in all businesses and schools etc. but we do not have them on the bedroom walls of children around the world ? Tommy and Tammy hope to change this and one day see them on all children’s bedroom walls where ever they may sleep in the world..